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Portraits: Ana Kuni

Artist, mother, free spirit and Hannah Lavery enthusiast  (Images: Taryn Diab) Ana Kuni is a free spirited and talented Ukrainian artist who now lives and works in Cape Town. Born in post-Soviet Ukraine, Ana later moved to Tokyo where she spent her teenage years modelling and shooting commercials. Through modeling, Ana was able to travel the world and experience a vast variety of cultures which still inspire and filter into her work today. When not creating paintings or large murals Ana likes to get involved in various community programs with her art or spend time with her beautiful daughter and their Jack Russell puppy. Ana’s philosophy in life is that “Everything will pass and nothing is forever- what is left...

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Portraits: Patricia Jacobs

Mother, grandmother and head of the Hannah Lavery production team    (Images: Taryn Diab) Patricia is a patient and humble woman who has been working in the clothing industry for over four decades. Born and raised in Athlone, Pat later moved to Bonteheuwel where she now lives with her husband Robert while working for the Hannah Lavery brand. Pat has experience working with both large factories and private designers- her career taking her from packing stock, to becoming head seamstress and now to reaching higher levels of management. ‘Live and let live’ are words Patricia likes to instill in her daily life. "Patricia Jacobs is such an integral part of the development and day-to-day running of the brand. Her exceptional...

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Portraits: Michelle Hallett

Artist, business owner, lover of design and Hannah Lavery muse  (Images: Amor Coetzee; accessories: collaboration by iloni and dayfeels; Make-up: Makeupanddelight )    Michelle is a colourful and exuberant creative who aims to combine art and interior design through her Michessie brand of bold, painterly designs for fabrics and feature wallpapers. Raised in Zimbabwe, Michelle later moved to South Africa to study but spent most of her adult life living outside of South Africa in various parts of the world including Budapest, Swaziland and Angola. Michelle currently lives in Johannesburg with her husband renovating their second home whilst developing her Michessie brand. As a qualified fitness professional and previous fitness club owner, Michelle also considers fitness a big part of...

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