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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


Angle Shoe - Hannah Lavery

Angle Shoe

R 1,900.00
Arena Pants - Hannah Lavery

Arena Pants

R 1,300.00
Astaire Brogues - Hannah Lavery

Astaire Brogues

R 1,700.00
Autumn Sandal - Hannah Lavery Sale

Autumn Sandal

On sale R 600.00
Mohair Billow Knit - Winter Knitwear. Forest Green

Billow Knit

R 2,200.00
black 100 percent linen short suit

Box Shorts

R 1,200.00
Buckle Brogue - Hannah Lavery Sale

Buckle Brogue

On sale R 950.00
Brown leather belt

Circle Belt

R 400.00
Classic Slip Dress - Hannah Lavery Sale

Classic Slip Dress

On sale R 432.00
Croc Mule - Hannah Lavery

Croc Mule

R 1,600.00
Daily Pants - Hannah Lavery Sale

Daily Pants

On sale R 600.00
Double Wrap Scarf - Hannah Lavery

Double Wrap Scarf

R 520.00
Drift Shirt - Hannah Lavery

Drift Shirt

R 1,200.00
Drop Shirt - Hannah Lavery

Drop Shirt

R 890.00
Natural sportswear inspired jacket has pockets with pulls and ties allowing you to wear it in various ways.  - Made from a linen Rayon blend

Dual Jacket

R 1,400.00
Dune Kaftan - Hannah Lavery

Dune Kaftan

R 990.00
Loose fit blouse - Copper - front pocket detail - vneck

Dune Top

R 620.00