• Retail Manager (Full time position) - based at our store in Parkhurst, Johannesburg. 
  • 09:00 - 17:30 every weekday (some weekend days and public holidays) 
  • Salary (R11000 - R25000+) (Salary calculated basic plus commission on store sales) 
  • Start date: 1 April 2024 


  1. Send your CV and answers to [email protected]
  2. Answer these questions
    1. Why do you think you are the right person for this role? 
    2. Are you currently employed? Provide details if yes. 
    3. Do you live in close proximity to Parkhurst or have reliable transport?
    4. Provide at least 2 references.  


  • Must have 3 years retail management experience. 
  • POS system knowledge preferred. 
  • Must be computer literate. 
  • Must be flexible for retail hours - available during some weekends and holidays. 
  • Must have references. 

We are looking for an enthusiastic, friendly, organised and positive person to manage our store in Parkhurst,  Johannesburg.  We are looking for someone who identifies with our brand and loves creating thoughtful and unique shopping experiences. We feel passionate about giving our customers exceptional service and we need someone that is willing to go above and beyond for them.  

During your shifts you will usually be the only person in the store and will be responsible for the daily running of the store as well as administrative work.  We need someone that is willing to take on the responsibility of ensuring the success of the store wholeheartedly. 

Please only apply if you are serious about building a lasting relationship with us and our customers.  

Hannah Lavery Retail Manager Job Description: 

General Responsibilities:

  • Recruiting,Training and appraising staff.
  • Scheduling Rosters 
  • Dealing with customer queries and complaints 
  • Overseeing stock control and pricing
  • Maintaining statistical and Financial records
  • Update colleagues on business performance,new initiatives and other pertinent issues
  • Liaise With Customers and colleagues to identify and resolve urgent issues
  • Provide Customers with a comfortable clean environment
  • Visual Merchandising of Stock and Shop. 
  • Event management 
  • Social media contribution - sending casual content to the social media manager.
  • Customers request reporting from various channels.  
  • Engaging with new consignment stockists in store. 
  • Bringing new consignment stockists onto systems, contract signed, terms and conditions understood and pricing agreed upon. 
  • Ensuring consignment stocks are replenished in store. 
  • Communication and relationship building with consignment stockists. 

Daily Duties

  • Open and closing of store 
  • Ensure store is clean and well merchandised
  • Cash and Card machine testing and calculating. 
  • Ensure that all systems are running smoothly. 
  • Garments are displayed neatly and necessary items are steamed and replenished.
  • Handle any customer request, queries and complaints.
  • Assist customers throughout the work day; ensure the customer is satisfied with the items chosen 
  • Communicate any requests made throughout the day. 
  • End of day: Ensure the shop is neat, Items that need to be packed away are secure.
  • Cash up - Count money in register, Manual Bank- make certain that all card machine slips correspond with the manual bank slip. Once sales have corresponded with system close POS. 
  • Daily release of insta-stories

Weekly Duties

  • Stock Takes
  • Replenish stock 
  • Record details of exchanges and returns. 
  • Prediction of weekly store targets 
  • Social media content and release of weekly content. 
  • Weekly sales reports to consignment designers 
  • Communication with Pop-up designers on weekly progress 
  • Weekly communication with sales staff and management on progress of store and performance. 
  • Weekly update to CT management on stock levels and customer requests. 

Monthly duties: 

  • Set Staff rosters 
  • Monthly reports: Calculate Monthly turnover for store and each sales representative.  
  • Staff member reports to head office - hours worked and sales made per staff member. 
  • Plan in store promotions and campaigns for upcoming months 
  • Plan and organise upcoming events and launches etc at store.  
  • Sales report and invoice receiving from consignment stockists.