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Personal Online Shopping

Shop with a personal assistant guiding you through our online store 

We are now offering a personal shopping experience guided by our Parkhurst Manager, Kelsey. She can help with styling and sizing or any other concerns or questions you may have. We are here to make your online shopping experience effortless and assist in every way possible to ensure that you are confident in making the right decision before purchasing.  Send an email to Kelsey answering these simple questions and she will get back to you with suggestions of styles that will suit you ([email protected]). You can also email her if you are wanting any other assistance with shopping online and she can give you a ring and talk you through the process.  She is also available on Zoom to have a one-on-one consultation. 

  • Describe your body shape?  Pear, oval, hourglass, straight up and down :) 

  • Where do you usually wear your pants? In the waist, mid-rise or low on the hips?

  • Would you describe yourself as tall, medium or short? 

  • What is your favorite part of your body? 

  • Is there anything about your body that you find difficult to dress?  Anything that restricts the shoes you wear or the length of sleeves etc? 

  • Describe your favourite item of clothing in your cupboard right now - or send us a pic!

The Benefits of Online Shopping with Hannah Lavery 

Comfortable Convenience

Shop from our store at any time of the day whether it be in your home office or on the couch watching Netflix and indulging in retail therapy while you sip on your fourth cup of coffee for the day. To make it even simpler here are answers to some frequently asked questions ensuring you that you Dress With Ease. 

Access to our full range

See our whole catalog with all our products in one place, with details & descriptions to give you a good idea of the quality and wear of the items. Use our social media platforms to get styling tips and see styling options.  

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Easy exchanges

If any exchanges need to be made post lockdown, we will ensure that the process is quick & easy for your comfort. Find out more about our returns and exchange policy hereAlso, online shopping can be more personal than you think, surprise a loved one with a delivery to their door and an item that will make their ‘first-day post lockdown’ a stylish one.

Always be in the loop / Never miss out

See an item that you want but the size isn’t available? Sign up to be notified when the style becomes available by going onto the product on our website and entering your email address.

Have a special request? contact us at [email protected].
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