Our Fabrics

We carefully select each fabric that we use by considering quality, texture, ‘handfeel’ and of course the environmental impact of their production. Here is a list of the fabrics that we currently use and why we have chosen them.


Linen/Rayon Blend 

medium weight fabric made from a balanced blend of Linen and Rayon: 55% Linen 45% Rayon

 Why we chose it - This linen/rayon blend was selected as the foundation fabric in our range.  We use it for our core collection of elevated basics, as it is a balanced fabric that combines the structure of linen with the silky drape of rayon. As it is worn and washed, the fabric  gets softer and more textured. Many of the items in this range can be worn as a layer in winter or as a standalone piece in summer, offering you versatility and the option to wear your favourite pieces all year round. Made from natural fibres this fabric allows your skin to breathe.
 How to care for it: Machine washable in a cold, gentle cycle.  Do not tumble dry.  Iron on medium.   Some colour loss can occur on first wash.

Rayon Lawn

100% Rayon lawn - delicately woven to create a soft handle and beautiful drape.
 Why we chose it -  Made from wood cellulose,rayon has the benefits of being plant based with the technical advantages of a synthetic process.  This is how we are left with a fabric that can allow your skin to breathe, but have the complete regularity of a continuous fibre.
 How to care for it - Wash in cold water (completely cold! not even 30 degrees). Do not Tumble dry. Cool to medium iron, inside out.

Pure Linen

100% Linen - Pre-shrunk and stonewashed 100% Linen.
 Why we chose it - This pure linen fabric has been stonewashed to give it a soft handle and texture.  The stonewashing also means that this fabric can be worn with ease as it does not need to be ironed and can be worn straight off the drying rack. Linen, which is made from the flax plant, is strong and durable so that it can last in your wardrobe from season to season.  It is also incredibly kind to your skin making it perfect for sensitive skin or for keeping you cool and comfortable on hot summer days.
 How to care for it - Machine washable. Iron optional. Hang dry, but can tumble dry until damp.  


Tencel is a sustainable fabric made from Eucalyptus trees and has been pre-shrunk for your convenience.   
 Why we chose it - We love this fabric because it has the ability to mimic silk and rayon, but is by far the most sustainable as it uses less energy and water in its production.  In the future we hope to be able to use this fabric and more like it to form the bulk of our collection. This medium weight fabric allows your skin to breathe, has a luxurious lustre and drapes beautifully over the body.
How to care for it - Machine washable on a cold gentle cycle.  Iron inside out on low heat. Do not tumble dry

Rayon Crepe 

this 100% rayon fabric has been pre-washed/shrunk and can be worn smooth or textured.
 Why we chose it - We were on the hunt for a fabric that could be the perfect traveling partner.  We needed it to be kind to the skin and easily packed and worn.  This rayon fabric allows your skin to breathe and feel comfortable, making it perfect for hot summer holidays.  Garments in this capsule collection can be packed twisted in your suitcase giving the garments a crushed texture or can be rolled and simply hung up on arrival - the weight of the fabric smooths out the creases.  
 How to care for it  - Machine washable in a cold, gentle cycle.  Do not tumble dry.  Iron inside out, if preferred or needed.