guide to shop by shape

Please remember that these body shape descriptions are merely a guide (they are not the boss of us!). Most bodies won’t fit neatly into these five categories, so please refer to the assets too to try to figure out which one (or two or even three!) of the descriptions best describes you or what you enjoy wearing. Body shapes are not linked to size, but are based on the relative measurements of your bust, waist and hips. If you’re not sure of your shape, feel free to use this test or message us and we’ll help to figure it out. Or just read on and see what you like the sound of most, or see what the options are and choose whatever tickles your fancy. 


If you have an hourglass body, you typically have a small waist in comparison to your hips and bust.  


You have a small waist that’s worth accentuating.  You like to wear pants that sit up in the waist, not on the hips. You love wrap dresses and wide leg pants.  You often have great cleavage :) 


If you have a pear shape, your shoulders and bust are smaller than your hips, with a waist that’s defined and often high.


You have a small waist and can wear pants that sit high, often with a wide or straight leg to balance the bum. 

Your top body is small so you can often go braless (power to you), and likely prefer to wear more fitted tops than bottoms.  

You look great in empire cut dresses, but your shape can vary - this selection of clothing presumes you like to accentuate your waist in comparison to your hips, but this does not necessarily apply to you. 


If you have a straight body, you have more or less the same measurements for all three: bust, waist and hips, with not so much of a defined waistline. Hannah has a straight body.  

Assets - 

You can wear fitted, mid- to low-rise, or cuffed pants. You can usually pull off quite oversized clothing, especially if the item is baggier on the top and more fitted on the bottom.  You can wear straight slip dresses, but also can create a waist sometimes by wearing garments that create the illusion of a waistline, like high-waisted pants. 


You’re an apple shape if your shoulders and bust measurements are larger than the hips, without much of a waist. Apples often have shorter necks, narrow hips and great legs. Sometimes women that have gone through menopause can change from another shape to an apple due to hormonal changes.  


You have great legs and can show them off.  You prefer low- to mid-rise pants and often prefer a slightly cropped style of leg to feature your ankles.  You can wear loose fitting and oversized clothing on the top part of your body, but are less likely to wear wrap dresses and other garments that accentuate your waist.  

Inverted Triangle 

You have an inverted triangle shape if you have broader shoulders than hips, with little waist definition. Your shoulders are prominent and may be straight or squared, and are often strong and athletic-looking.


You can wear quite loose-fitting clothing and can rock a deep V-neckline.  You can choose styles that wrap around the body to create a waistline and draws the eye down at the neck.  You can usually wear pants in various positions - high, mid or low.  You look great in more fitted rather than bulky tops that let your shoulders speak for themselves :)