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Parkhurst Pop-Ups: Amy Keevy - Hannah Lavery

24 Jul, 2019

Parkhurst Pop-Ups: Amy Keevy

One of the first brands to be a part of our Parkhurst Pop-Ups is local artist Amy Keevy. Her works will be available at our store until the 31st of August 2019.
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Portraits: Roslyn and Charne Lavery - Hannah Lavery

15 Aug, 2018

Portraits: Roslyn and Charne Lavery

Hannah Lavery Portraits: Roslyn and Charne Lavery 
Roslyn and Charne Lavery, Hannah's two sisters who have played such an influential role in Hannah's life, creative expression and business. 
A word from Hannah: When I sit down to design, I imagine I’m there to dress better, future versions of myself--more confident, more brilliant, more boss. Luckily I already have examples of these future versions of me, in two epic older sisters.
These are the women I’ve known forever, who are my inspiration and my team. And it has been their differences from myself and from each other that have taught me and inspired me the most.
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11 Apr, 2018

Portraits: Madri van Zyl of Iloni

Hannah Lavery Portraits: Madri Van Zyl
Jewellery designer, founder of Iloni Jewellery and Hannah Lavery studio partner
Madri started her own jewellery brand in 2015 in the heart of Cape Town - called Iloni jewellery designs. Iloni is a -a Finnish -word for ‘my joy’. Her designs are characterised by simplicity, understated detail and precise finishes. Madri says that her main motivation for her label is to distinguish her brand from the work of others and is always looking for alternative materials and techniques to use in her jewellery.
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