What is POWER DRESSING? - Hannah Lavery


Power dressing to us means simply wearing whatever makes you feel powerful, because let’s be honest, clothing has the power to make you feel confident, prepared and powerful or just the opposite.  

So what does it mean to us?

The ability to shop and get dressed without expelling too much energy, so that you use your energy and focus on things that you value - things that bring you health, wealth and happiness.

It means having clothing that is not restrictive, but supportive of you showing up for whatever you need to show up for today and versatile enough to move between each of these spaces - like going to a meeting, fetching your kids from school or meeting friends for a drink.  Really having a wardrobe as diverse as your life. 


A wardrobe that is both power-feeling-enhancing, but is so comfortable you don’t notice it and functional that it assists you - like having pockets deep enough to hold your phone! 

Then there is also feeling good about your purchasing power and the decisions you make by supporting employment and giving money back into the communities you value.  


Power dressing is so much more than padded shoulder pads in 80’s styled suits - although those are a hoot too! 

To see more of our take on power dressing, watch our IGTV on how to style the ever so cool Sienna Suit. 


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