The Island Tunic - Hannah Lavery

The Island Tunic

The Island Tunic is one of our absolute favourites! This loose-fitting style is one-size-fits all and can cater for sizes 6 - 18. The knit is loose and airy and the side slits break up the body in a flattering way. The front hem corner can also be tied in a knot for a styling variation. Pair it with the Emma pants or our Linen Midi Slip Dress.
The Island Tunic is made from 100% cotton yarn. Cotton is a natural fibre made from soft and fluffy boll's found on the cotton plant! Cotton can be spun into yarn for knitting or yarn for creating textiles from. The Island Tunic is a machine knit, making the garment breathable and light to wear, but still holding its shape thanks to the tighter machine knit and construction. The benefits of wearing an item that is made from 100% cotton is that the garment is breathable and kind to the skin. 
It is very absorbent and especially so when knitted and not woven. When washing your Island Tunic you can put it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle and the knit will hold and wash well. Once complete lay the garment flat to dry - along a towel or over a clothes horse. Cotton can be a durable and long lasting when cared for correctly. The Island Tunic is a great and timeless design and caring for it will ensure the longevity of its quality alongside its lasting style.
Recently Hannah visited the factory where the cotton and wool yarn we use for our Island Tunics is produced. Below are some images from the factory. The inner plastic cones used to spin the yarns are recycled and reused in production. 
The Island Tunic has been one of Hannah's favourite designs for a few years. Pictured below is Hannah at the 2019 Handmade Contemporary Fair in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. (Photographer: Charles Johnston)
"The Island Tunic was introduced into our range 2 years ago and it has been a personal favourite since then. I am a sucker for a big loose top that makes me feel all covered up and comfy. I wear it throughout the year - in summer with shorts or light pants or on the beach as a cover-up (this is one of my favourite times to wear it) and then in winter I wear it over a polo-neck and pair it with my all time favourite Emma pants. Because it is a soft knitted cotton it hugs your shoulders and doesn't appear as boxy as it can look on the hanger. The slits on the side and the v neckline makes this top so much more flattering than you expect and knotting one of the front corners is a great little trick to making it even more so." - Hannah Lavery
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