Portraits: Maxime Thaysen

Hannah Lavery Portraits: Maxime Thaysen
Director, editor and videographer

Maxime Thaysen is a proud Cape Tonian- born and raised in Cape Town whilst moving from various suburbs in the Western Cape throughout her childhood. After a gap year in London when she was 18, Maxime returned to South Africa where she studied fashion design for a year and then later completed a degree in motion picture, majoring in cinematography. Maxime now works in most film disciplines- producing, directing, shooting and editing various films including our first ever fashion film; Urban Ease, which was produced earlier this year.

 Where are you today? What do you do?  

I’m a filmmaker based in Cape Town.

 What project are you currently working on that is exciting to you?

 I’m currently consolidating my ideas for passion projects (films) with the hope that in 2018 I’ll make at least half of them- sort of like a New Year career bucket list.

What is one of your favourite Hannah Lavery pieces and how does help you to do that #WithEase (referring to the previous question)? 

I use the Hannah Lavery Cotton Scrunch Bag as an everyday tote bag. It carries all my usual bag contents and works with every look. I love it!

What do you do for fun, to promote balance and to live #WithEase?

 I think a big contributor to living #WithEase for me is the self-care routine that I put time into on most Sundays. The routine includes: a lot of rest, reading, rehydrating, big pots of herbal tea, a face scrub and mask and a body scrub. If the stars align and this is how I get to spend my Sunday, the week to follow is usually uber manageable.

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