Portraits: Kamini Pather

Hannah Lavery Portraits: Kamini Pather
MasterChef SA winner, food writer, host of Girl Eat World and proud Hannah Lavery wearer

Kamini Pather is a multi-talented blogger, foodie, travel fanatic and fashion icon currently living in Cape Town. Born in Mobeni Heights, Chatsworth KwaZulu Natal, Kamini studied Bachelor of Commerce and later moved to Cape Town to pursue her creative side. In 2013, Kamini entered and became the winner of the second season of MasterChef South Africa. Since then Kamini has hosted the Netflix series Girl Eat World whilst working alongside numerous brands and creating her own line of cookware. Kamini has been a loyal Hannah Lavery supporter for many years, always adding her own style and flare to our clothes!

Tell us something interesting about your upbringing, background and where you come from, in relation to where you are today. 

 I was the strange kid at school. I never felt as though I fitted in and I was certainly not part of the popular group.  Even still I feel like a bit of an outsider which is strange when I find myself on a yacht in Dubai with a list of local media personalities. It’s all a little surreal, mostly. 

Where are you today? What do you do? 

Today I am still on the hustle. Yes, I won the second season of Masterchef SA and I’ve been the host of an internationally broadcast food-travel show, Girl Eat World, but I still don’t feel as though this is my pinnacle. Complacency is the beginning of the end, IMHO. 

Working for oneself means that one must be a unicorn and be able to do everything - be on and off the screen, be able to cook, feast and look great in a swimsuit. Edit video, direct your own shoot, colour correct images, build pitches to brands with cost estimates and projections for the next fiscal. Be able to run marathons and then fly to France to taste champagne and cheese - I do all of those things and then some stuff that isn’t Instagram worthy. 10 points to the person who can give me a job title because I certainly don’t know what to put on my business cards...

What project are you currently working on that is exciting to you?

 There are always a number of projects on the go but these are a few highlights: My range of cookware and a new TV show next year. While I studied for a Bachelor Of Commerce I have always felt creative and these days I find myself really getting into the swing of that part of myself. I’ve been creating digital content for brands which means that I create everything from the script and story board through to directing and sometimes being in the video, all the way through to editing. It gives me all the good feels.


What is one of your favourite Hannah Lavery pieces and how does it help you to do that #WithEase (referring to the previous question)?

 I have loved Hannah’s clothing long before I met her. I have items that I still hold dear from 3/4/5 years ago - one of the joys of buying investment pieces of clothing that are sourced and produced locally but that are also not privy to the slavery that is the seasonal, fashion lemmings.

 What I’ve loved about Hannah Lavery clothing is the ease that the garments are worn with. There are jump suits that can be paired with sneakers for a street party or some gold jewllery for The Queens Plate. The clothing is made for people who appreciate details in quality fabrics and precision cuts instead of bling and meh. 

What do you do for fun, to promote balance and to live #WithEase? 

 Mmmm....fun...I run and practice Yoga for fun. I visit with friends and drink too much food wine and eat too much good food - nothing of which one can have enough of. 


Have you read an interesting book or article recently?

 I’ve been reading Quiet by Susan Cains for a while. It’s a book about introversion and the various shades of that way of being. Understanding how I work best has made my life easier and made me feel more fulfilled - because now I know why. 

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