Portraits: Gillian Lawrence

Portrait of Gillian Lawrence
Passionate jewellery designer, business owner and wearer of Hannah Lavery


Gillian Lawrence is the creative mind and designer behind the Cape Town jewellery label, Lorne. Born and raised in Somerset West, Gillian now lives in Green Point whilst working in Hope Street Studio's under her label Lorne.  Gillian believes in making time to not only focus on the work side of her label but also the artistic and explorative side of her craft. 


What moments, things or practices make you feel most in touch with your wellbeing and personally full?

 I don't really concentrate too much on it; I think my full comes mostly from a medley of the little things, interactions and experiences. So it's hard to pinpoint but I'd say it's a combination of having things to look forward too, new experiences, excitements but also lazy time, finishing projects, stimulating interactions, fresh outdoors, a bit of endorphins when needed and so on. It's things that are subconsciously included in my life that together generate balance and wellbeing.

 What makes you feel empowered as a woman?

 To touch on one aspect specifically is how women- universally- are working together to make change. We're all fighting and progressing as a unit, every voice is collective and this unity I find super empowering for all of us.


How do you use your clothes, style and accessories as an expression of who you are?

I'm definitely not a minimalist but rather a huge fan of variety. My cupboards are pretty much bursting at the seams- many Hannah Lavery garments included. I'm very much myself in what I wear so I guess it's a very direct expression. I have however noticed that I go through phases with accessorising. It's silly but I wear more jewellery when I'm feeling more extroverted than normal.


Your Lorne Jewellery designs include bold motifs with whimsical and abstract designs. Was there anything in particular that inspired this unique style of yours?

On top of obvious fashion movements etc I think that letting go of restrictions was what helped form my style initially. Also the fact that the market is so bold and unique. This allows me the freedom to experiment and have fun with design. It's also a personality-based thing I think. I'm drawn to ' what's next ' and variety so I'm constantly building and adding to my range.


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