Portraits: Carol Lavery

Portrait of Carol Lavery
Mother, massage therapist and member of the Hannah Lavery team

 Carol Lavery is a kindhearted and devoted mother of three successful daughters as well as an invaluable member of the Hannah Lavery team. Born and raised in Port Elizabeth, Carol spent most of her life in the Eastern Cape but later moved to Cape Town where she now lives and works. As a trained and practicing massage therapist, Carol inspired Hannah to use her hands to create - teaching her to sew and growing her passion for textures and fabrics. Simplicity and openness to being with ‘what is’ have become aspirations for Carol to live by. 


How did working for Hannah come about? Do you have any other hobbies or activities?

 Massaging is a delight for me and I also enjoy doing various crafts in my spare time, including quilting and free-machine work. This interest in fabric and sewing probably grew out of making clothes for my children when they were growing up (my mother had also made mine) – with that mostly coming to an end at a few matric farewell dresses.

 So when Hannah was busy with her business I was able to get involved – at first helping out just as a mom with going to fabric shops, sewing mock-ups, writing out labels and so on, but then becoming an employee after a couple of years . We also work at markets together which is fun and a chance for me to engage with customers. It is really rewarding to see women looking gorgeous in her clothes and accessories when I have watched their evolution from an idea and self-made pattern of Hannah’s right up to the finished piece.

 What matters most to you?

 My children matter deeply to me – from when they were little I’ve said that I am proud of them because they breathe, which I know sounds corny. But in essence, for me, that encompasses supporting who they are, wherever and whatever life brings to them. (And I think they are amazing individuals, who also happen to be the best of friends…!)

What do you do in your life to promote balance and to live #WithEase?

A mug of hot water and a quiet early practice ease my day, along with laughter and gratitude. Walking in nature – whether a sunny beach or shady forest. At times just happily looking at the wonderful mountain from my upstairs room where I work, play and nap – usually with two furry friends as company.


What is one of your favourite Hannah Lavery pieces and why?

How to single out only one?- all her clothes are so wearable. The Morning Top is my ‘go to’ piece – simple, stylish and versatile. Yet having said that, I’m looking forward to wearing the new linen Box Top this summer. To take almost any outfit up another notch, add the Spring Coat over and slip on a pair of Foldover Mules.

What does dressing #WithEase mean to you?

 Having clothes that go together easily, which are comfortable, look good and can be layered to span seasons.




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