Portraits: Ana Kuni

Artist, mother, free spirit and Hannah Lavery enthusiast

 (Images: Taryn Diab)
Ana Kuni is a free spirited and talented Ukrainian artist who now lives and works in Cape Town. Born in post-Soviet Ukraine, Ana later moved to Tokyo where she spent her teenage years modelling and shooting commercials. Through modeling, Ana was able to travel the world and experience a vast variety of cultures which still inspire and filter into her work today. When not creating paintings or large murals Ana likes to get involved in various community programs with her art or spend time with her beautiful daughter and their Jack Russell puppy.
Ana’s philosophy in life is that “Everything will pass and nothing is forever- what is left to do but to have fun with what we can create in our life”. The clothes and designs of our brand are inspired by real women, their needs and their styles. We love finding out more about personalities like Ana who embrace our brand and are intrigued to discover more about how they build their own unique connection with our clothes.
Much of your work includes a strong female character, which you call the Warrior Woman; can you describe your inspiration for including her repeatedly in your work?

The warrior woman is a conscious, compassionate and creative being living in harmony with the inner and outside world. I am trying to capture the beauty behind the surface, I will keep painting her until I get her secret, which will probably never happen as she is covered in mystery.

What moments, things or practices make you feel most in touch with your wellbeing and personally full?

Yoga and meditation, walking along the beach, hiking a mountain. Every day spent in nature feels like a great day!

You mention that your travels have played a big part in influencing your artistic style and expression. Are there any specific places that you believe have been the most influential in shaping your style?

 Travelling is a great way to get out of your head/ thoughts, it gives temporary peace and a sense of adventure but it is just an escape. When I manage to look inside myself, even just for a brief moment, through meditation or a conscious, present moment, I see clearly that all I need I already have and that there is a pot of gold inside me, no need to travel across the seas to find it!

What was the last great thing that you read?

 I recently started listening to the audio book, “A New Earth” by Ekchart Tolle. I listen to it while I paint, drive and have breakfast! It helps and reminds me to stay present and to enjoy every moment instead of looking forward to "Big" moments.

 How do you use your clothes, style and accessories as an expression of who you are as a woman?

I play around with clothes a lot and it always depends on what I’m doing and which place I am in. I love a classic, timeless style when I’m in London, but I dress as a total hippie when in Ibiza, wearing feathers in my hair and boho dresses. When I’m in Cape Town I prefer a casual, relaxed style, thats why Hannah Lavery clothes and shoes were a great discovery for me and a valuable addition to my wardrobe.



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