A day of shopping and styling in Parkhurst - photographed by Alined Creative Alliance - Hannah Lavery

A day of shopping and styling in Parkhurst - photographed by Alined Creative Alliance

While Hannah was in Johannesburg last month we wanted to capture some moments in store and in the area around the store. We put word out for photographers and customers to come together and create something extraordinary. We got the chance to work with an amazing team from Alined Creative Alliance who took photo's throughout the day and managed to capture the mood and experience perfectly. 
To get to know them a little better we asked them a few questions: 
For more information on them find them at www.alined.co.za
Hannah Lavery (HL):   Give us some insight as to what you do.
A-Lined (AL): A-Lined is a proudly South African, all female-owned visual content creation and social media management agency that has been around since 2017. We assist our clients with the development of a visual strategy, the execution of visuals in photography, videography or design format and the implementation and management of their social media. With the increasing need for companies to have an engaging online presence, we understand the importance of creating unique content that is true to our client’s brand and represents their audience.
HL: What made you want to go into this field? 
AL: We are both great storytellers and that is what initially drew us to the photography and videography industry. Our experience in the industry sparked a passion for changing the way companies think about and implement visual content. This naturally led to the expansion into the social media field.
HL: What do you love most about what you do?
AL: We genuinely love the process of telling a brand’s story and seeing it come to life. The second-best thing about our job is that we are our own boss. Not only does it come with a lot of creative freedom, but we also get to stipulate when it is appropriate to drink wine (which is always). 
HL: How was the experience of working with us at the store?
AL: There is a golden nugget in our industry and that is; getting to work with a client that has a clear vision but also allows us to express our creativity. That is exactly how we would explain this experience. Even though it was a freezing day and load shedding crept up on us, the shoot environment was always friendly, energised and manifested creativity. It was such an honour to work with someone like Hannah, who has a real passion for what she does.
Just a few for fun:
HL: What is your favourite playlist whilst shooting?
 AL: The music definitely depends  on the type of shoot, but we absolutely love anything indie-rock and folk.
HL: What is your favourite snack on the job? You've got to eat right? 
AL: We are usually so caught up in the moment while taking photos (yes, we are trigger happy and proud of it) that we often only eat after a shoot. However, a cup of strong coffee is mandatory to get our day started and you will always find a Jungle oats bar in our equipment bags.
HL: Where is the craziest place you have photographed/videoed?
 AL: An abandoned old shopping mall in Johannesburg
HL:  Any tips for future photographers? 
AL: It is so important to always have a side project as a creative outlet to ensure you don’t lose your passion. It can be quite draining constantly executing someone else’s brief, take some time and explore your creativity. We try to do something new and crazy at least once a month.
It was awesome to work with these amazing women! They not only took stunning photographs, but allowed us to create special memories.
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