Photographer: Nina Zimolong - Hannah Lavery

Photographer: Nina Zimolong

Nina Zimolong is a renowned photographer who focuses on Fashion, Weddings and Lifestyle. Her photographs perfectly capture the essence of the moment, which often tell unspoken stories. Amongst shooting for Vogue Russia, Vogue Germany and Harpers Bazaar China, Nina has also done many shoots for Hannah Lavery. We caught up with Nina to find out a little more about her life, career and tips she has used to get through this crazy time that we now call the new normal.

Some information about Nina:

I am a photographer based in South Africa. When here, I live in the most beautiful area in the Western Cape called Stellenbosch. After graduating from the University of Stellenbosch with a Bachelors in Business Management I moved to Europe to find my true calling. I lived in Austria for 2.5 years and then I moved to Berlin to take on the corporate world and try to crack it and see if I truly wanted to live the 8-6 life. After two and a half years working in Marketing, I decided that I was in the wrong career. During my time in Berlin, I was handed a professional camera. A 5d mkii, I didn't know at that moment that my life was about to change and that I would realise that my true calling and passion is photography. 
I decided to quit my job and travel back to South Africa to follow this calling and focus on improving my skills in photography. I have trained myself in everything I could think of so that I would be ready for anything that I needed to shoot. I want to be ready for moments that other photographers miss and tend to overlook and at the same time, I want to create art and show emotion with movement and colour.
The genres of photography that I am absolutely passionate about are Fine Art Photography and Fashion. I also shoot certain events and weddings locally and internationally.
My photography has been featured on numerous blogs, websites and online publications and magazines such as Vogue Russia, Vogue Germany and Harpers Bazaar China. I spend my summers in between South Africa and Europe as I love to chase the summer sun. One of my greatest accomplishments so far in photography is that I shoot for Vogue Germany when I am in Europe. 
My website is my Instagram is @Nina_zimolong 
My top tips on how I am handling the lockdown: Don't give up because the world is on pause. Find a way to make things happen and do the things you love. Do things you never had time to do and improve on your skills. If you are a creative go out and create. We need to adjust to the new normal and change our behaviour, but never forget why you started or what inspired you to get to where you are.
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