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Mischke Bosse & Paige Wood Photography

Earlier this year we were able to do a shoot with Mischke Bosse, a blogger from Cape Town, who focuses on slow living, travel, food, ethical businesses and well being. The Kwanlenga Sunset Lodge was the backdrop for the shoot, a secluded getaway that completely ties together the overall mood. The aim was to capture the garments in a natural setting revealing how they can be transformed from ready-to-wear to loungewear, by merely altering the setting. 

See the full blog post on Mischke Bosse’s blog here https://www.mischkebosse.com/blog/hannah-lavery-clothing?fbclid=IwAR1EmpxmhOQ9DmN-xt52BGkuY3RBc6OnQ2pQ9QMslJlYXhtCqTyUxJVI6SM

The photographer for the shoot was Paige Rubler, who is one of the many female photographers we have worked with over the years. We caught up with Paige to find out a little more about her life, career and tips for lockdown survival. 
So how about a little bit of background?
“My childhood took me all over South Africa, from the city, to the seaside and finally to a farm in the Free State where my family currently lives. Creating has always been a part of my life, with an artistic hands-on mom and a clothing and house designer dad. Photography almost fell into my lap. From the age of 12 I knew I wanted to be a photographer and work with people - so fast forward another 12 years - and here I am living out young Paige’s dreams in Cape Town as a full time photographer. 
My photography is mostly lifestyle, fashion and people based. I have a huge love for nature and open spaces which I bring into a lot of my work. Most of my work is digitally shot, but recently I have been playing around with and shooting on film. Since lockdown, things have changed a lot and being a photographer and creating work has been hard, so I have moved my shoots to the virtual world of FaceTime. So if you’re wanting to shoot and create we still can!
For now you can find most of my work on my Instagram 
My top tip for handling lockdown?

Honestly, it is to just be easy on yourself. 
I spend a lot of time on social media, which is maybe not a good thing with all that is going on. So remembering to get into sunshine (if one can) is super important and gives your head time to clear and breathe in some fresh air 
Recently I had the honour of taking a little trip, just before lockdown, that was to shoot some beautiful items from Hannah Lavery and these are some of my favorite shots:


Shop the look: Copper Lake Jumpsuit

Shop the look: Copper Morning Top & Stone Suede Vellies

Shop the look: Natural Arena Pants & White Urban Vest

Shop the look: Natural Arena Pants, White Urban Vest & White Island Tunic

Shop the look: White Slouchy Linen Pants & White Drift Shirt

Shop the look: White Slouchy Linen Pants, White Drift Shirt & Navy Classic Mules

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