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Just In Time...

With our newly updated online store, we chose to include a section dedicated to the items which we will no longer be continuing to produce. At Hannah Lavery, we aim to design and create consciously. We actively do this through classic and timeless designs which will withstand the test of time, not only in style but in quality too.

All of our items are designed and handmade in our Cape Town studio. The addition of a new item to our range can take time and a lot of attention to detail. Our designs are created to suit a variety of body types and have functional qualities and versatility in their wear. This requires a lot of thought and consideration in every design which we develop - from our shoes and clothing through to our accessories and knitwear. We are very careful in what we choose to include in our range and we are just as selective with those designs which we choose to discontinue.  It is not an easy choice to discontinue one of our beloved items, but when we choose to discontinue a design it is done only to make way for new ideas and growth.

Our brand follows a slow-fashion model of production and our studio is always striving to strike the balance between supply and over-production.   Sometimes demands can be high and will result in some designs being momentarily out of stock, but we always have staff who are able to assist in adding you to any necessary waiting lists or placing a custom order for you. 

We will continue to create timeless designs and deliver only our best work.  This section of our website is here to give you a warning about the styles that we are saying goodbye to so that you have a chance to stop them before they are sold out. 

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