Hey Hannah, why the neutral color scheme? - Hannah Lavery

Hey Hannah, why the neutral color scheme?

I know a lot of people are probably wondering why we choose to hold true to our neutral color palette and why we never deviate from that.  The simple answer is this - we want to give our customers the ability to look and feel amazing, but without needing to expend too much energy consciously doing that.   So that you can actually say - oh I just threw something on!
We  do this by offering a complete wardrobe in neutral tones. We use a cohesive neutral palette so that you know that you can go to your cupboard and that the skirt you bought 2 years ago will seamlessly work with the top you bought today and will in turn work with the jacket you buy in 2 years. 
Because we are BUSY running businesses, climbing the ladder and raising children, what we need is a wardrobe that we trust to perform for us when we don’t have time to put much energy into our choices. We are offering our customers a colour palette that will form the foundation (the building blocks) of your wardrobe.  Neutrals are simple, stylish and universal in that they have the ability to compliment any size, shape, skin tone and are ideal to wear on any occasion. 


Our crisp white linens are perfect for anything from a lazy Sunday afternoon at home to a luxurious afternoon boat trip. Our rich, stoney shades like butterscotch and cinnamon are classic and can be paired with a number of other pieces in your wardrobe. Our navy blue and blacks are ideal for day to night, transitioning between work and cocktail hour. 

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