A Sprinkle of Cinnamon - Hannah Lavery

A Sprinkle of Cinnamon

The newest addition to the Hannah Lavery collection is the beautiful cinnamon colour. It is not often that we add a new colour to our range. It is a big decision which requires a lot of consideration and thought. Why did we decide to go ahead with this colour? Hannah tells us a bit more about her thoughts below: 
"When I first came across this beautiful colour fabric that we chose to add to the range I just fell in love with how balanced it is - how it's half way a colour and half way a neutral.  It sits calmly in between the two. It's such a warm rich colour without being too overwhelming and it reminded me of all the delicious cinnamony things I like to eat, the texture and smell of clay and an exhibition I once saw at the National Gallery in Cape Town when I was still in school and in Cape Town on holiday.  It was an exhibition called "Colour Me' by Berni Searle that showed the artist covered in rich spices from head to toe.  I will never forget seeing it for the first time - I think of it strangely often."
“Searle's art and commentary has never focused on bland existence. Her work is decisively centred upon a lived environment and a lived experience, both reflective of her South African home context, as well as self-reflexive of her personal cultural histories.
Searle has become best known for an extensive series of work entitled, broadly, the Colour Me series, which continues to inform, although at different levels, much of her subsequent projects. The Colour Me series encompasses detailed variations on a set of images, usually presented as installations that Searle produces using spices in conjunction with images of her own body: incorporating both the physical substances and the traces of her physical being, as well as photographic renderings thereof. Searle features herself covered in spices, and removed from spices, reflecting within the infinite types of visual play that happen in these spaces upon the nature of representation; scrutinizing issues of race and racial naming. It specifically relates to the South African anomaly of the term "Coloured," but it also invokes questions and observations around the representation of gender and around the exoticism.” (Read further)
Read more about Searle's Colour Me series here: https://www.richardsaltoun.com/artists/281-berni-searle/biography/ 
At Hannah Lavery our items are designed consciously, with longevity in design, durability in their wear and classic details. Cinnamon is a colour which we feel has longevity in our collection. It is an earthy, natural and neutral tone. This allows it to pair easily with your favourite jeans, that bright and bold blouse or even a crisp collared shirt. It is a warm colour which complements our fresh, stonewashed white linen, it balances well with our darker navy and black tones, and provides a powerful contrast to our currently more colourful knitwear. This article from Fashionista.com gives some great insight and thought into the rising popularity of more neutral wardrobe colours and trends, give it a read through and let it inspire you to try out some new looks and styles (click here) 
We have created a few of our most popular designs in the cinnamon colour way and look forward to introducing more styles in this colour for the future. Currently you can shop our Daily Pants, Square Cami, Tuxedo Jacket, Tuxedo Pants and Mode Crop Top in cinnamon. You can also pop over to our Instagram page and our Pinterest Page and check out our cinnamon highlights and mood boards to get you in the cinnamony mood.
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