Sandy Knit

Oh Sandy! This loose weave cotton (slub) knit top is the slinkiest top in the range - what an accolade! Its baggy shape makes it comfortable, but the soft knit drapes over your shoulders and body like water so it is not bulky and the little gaps in the weave make this top surprisingly sexy… yes sexy… it’s unexpected we know, but it really is.  Oh Sandy stop! 

It comes in only 2 sizes because the only real change is in the sleeve width - so if you have larger arms go for the medium no matter what size you are.  

S: 6 - 10/12

M: 12/14 - 18 

Fabric: 100% Cotton (Machine Knitted)

How to care for it:  Machine washable on a cold, gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry. Medium iron.


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