Face Mask

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Please note these are non-medical grade masks for private use only.  Fabric masks will not replace the surgical masks that are used by medical staff in hospitals but will help reduce the risk of infection

  • even with fabric face masks you need to wash your hands and adhere to physical distancing

  • to be efficient, a fabric face mask needs to be worn from the top of the nose to underneath the chin

before putting on your mask, wash your hands and don’t touch the mask once you wear it.


Fabrics – Linen 60% / Rayon 40% Blend or 100 % Rayon or 100% Linen–these are natural fibres which are breathable and soft against the skin.  Both the inner and outer layers are bonded with a non-woven fusing which has been shown to give better protection against penetration, both ways, than un-bonded fabric 

Note:  There is a channel on the inner side of the mask where a bendable object may be placed to give the mask a closer fit over the nose area.  Here are a few  suggestions of many possible  items that could be used.  Whatever is used please make sure that both ends are bent in and not sharp to prevent injury to yourself and from tearing the fabric. The item could also be covered with masking tape or similar.

All items to be cut/bent to the appropriate length to match the length and width of the channel. 

    • Pipe cleaner – cut or folded and twisted to the appropriate length – with the ends bent in.

    • Paper clip, straightened and the ends bent in and closed.

    • Twist ties – from plastic bags, gardening supplies, etc., with ends bent back.

    • Gardening wire –  soft gauge and often plastic coated, ends bent back.


Unpacking instructions:

Your mask has been made and packed with the utmost care and attention to hygienic conditions as set out by the CDC, but we highly recommend washing your hands and following the below guidelines. 

Recommended Unpacking and Washcare:

  1. Remove the mask from the packaging and wash in warm water.  Either hand wash or machine wash at 20 to 30 degrees C, not hotter as this may reduce the effectiveness of the bonding.  If washing in a machine, place in a washing bag to prevent the straps from getting tangled and damaging them and/or the mask.  (NB:  For later washing : First remove any insert from the nose channel if used.)

  2. Air dry.  (Do not tumble dry)

  3. Iron on a cool to medium setting.

Wearing instructions:

  1. Insert the bendable item into the inner channel with clean hands if using.

  2. Hold the straps close to the body of the mask and place the mask on your face, below the eyes.

  3. Pull the straps over your ears and tie in a bow on the back of your head.

  4. Remember to keep your hands away from the body of the mask and your face/eyes while wearing.

  5. To remove the mask – untie the bow, keeping your hands on the straps only, remove any insert from the channel wash hands, then wash the mask according to the Washcare note above.  




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