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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Online orders and delivery during Covid-19

To our incredible customers

We wanted to thank you for your support and patience during this time. Slowly things are getting back to normal and we are very excited, however during this stage 4 of lockdown we would like to ensure that every move we make, will be compliant with the law. 

The law currently states that we are only able to open our production and delivery for Winter clothing and shoes, therefore if your order falls outside of this bracket we will only be able to deliver once we move to stage 3 or this directive has changed. 

We are incredibly grateful for the support received during the lockdown, but we now have over a month’s orders that we need to sort through. We will be packing orders from Monday 4th May starting from the first ones received to the most recent.  We ask that you have further patience with us as we are currently only operating at 50% capacity and will face further delays due to the courier companies also operating at 50% capacity during this time. 

We promise that we will ensure your order is processed as efficiently as possible, but please grant us a little patience as, in order to ensure your safety, each order has to be packed under strict ani-contamination conditions which will slow down the process of packing the orders even further. For further information on the precautions we are taking please see our Covid-19 online packing guide.  

Packing Procedure: 

Due to the threat of COVID-19, we have had to take many precautions in the packaging and delivering of our garments to your doorstep. Please be re-assured that we are taking these measures extremely seriously as your safety is our utmost priority. 

When packing your order we will be following this procedure: 

  • The person packing the orders will have washed their hands thoroughly and will be wearing a protective mask. 
  • In order to attempt to remove the risk of viral contamination of our garments/shoes during their production, before delivery will be steaming each garment on high heat before it is folded and packed.  Shoes and boxes will be wiped down. 
  • The surface where we will be packing orders will be thoroughly scrubbed before we pack. 

There will be little to no contact besides the delivery itself. Studies suggest that the virus cannot survive on soft surfaces, porous fibres like our natural fibres dry out and break apart the virus, unlike synthetic fibres which tend to hold the virus for longer.  

Our suggested Precautionary Steps to take once your package is received: 

  1. Please receive the package from the courier while wearing a mask.
  2. Once inside throw away the courier bag, wipe down the box with disinfectant and wash your hands thoroughly. 
  3. We do suggest before washing the garment, that you try it on, for fit, while wearing a mask.  If a garment is washed we will not be able to accept it for refunds or exchanges.  Once you have done so and you are happy with the result, pop it in a cold wash and take a shower! Just in case. 
  4. Once the garment has been washed, please iron (Inside out) or let dry in a high heat environment 
  5. Finally, wear & enjoy! 

Thank you for your support and understanding during this crazy time. We hope you love your purchase!