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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Work Wear - Hannah Lavery

Work Wear

Fold Over Mule - Hannah Lavery

Fold Over Mule

R 1,700.00
Spring Coat - Hannah Lavery

Spring Coat

R 1,400.00
Arena Pants - Hannah Lavery

Arena Pants

R 1,300.00
Drift Shirt - Hannah Lavery

Drift Shirt

R 1,200.00
Our Black Emma Pants made from a linen rayon blend - a Classic linen pants meets tracksuit. Paired with our morning top and fold over mules

Emma Pants

R 1,200.00
Drop Shirt - Hannah Lavery

Drop Shirt

R 890.00
Angle Shoe - Hannah Lavery

Angle Shoe

R 1,900.00
Horizon Crop Top - Hannah Lavery

Horizon Crop Top

R 499.00
Sienna Pants - Hannah Lavery

Sienna Pants

R 1,300.00
Mohair Throw - Hannah Lavery

Mohair Throw

R 1,900.00
Mohair Scarf - Hannah Lavery

Mohair Scarf

R 1,400.00
100% Linen - Classic- collared - buttoned up -shirt

Savannah Shirt

R 1,300.00
Astaire Brogues - Hannah Lavery

Astaire Brogues

R 1,700.00
Valley Wrap - Hannah Lavery Out of stock

Valley Wrap

R 1,250.00
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